As a self-taught musician, Jordann Funk embraces the art of intuitive folk— leaning into atypical tunings and fingerpicking to translate songs from etheric, earthen, and emotional realms. Her candid yet otherworldly vocals ring out, sometimes with a growl, amidst immersive soundscapes and field recordings that transport the listener to a place of reflection. She often feels she's channeling forces from beyond and below in her music, lending them a voice so they may be heard. Performing as this kind of musical medium, she likes to use the term ‘witch folk’ to describe her particular genre.

With her guitar linked to her heart since she was 13, Jordann has been witnessed performing in the woods, public rituals, festivals, galleries, and DIY venues throughout her home of the Hudson Valley, NYC, and northeast. Alongside her work as a songwriter, Jordann also works as an herbalist— a plant medium of sorts— through her business Sensitive Earth.

If her 2020 pre-pandemic, bare-bones release— Wolf Cry— channeled a young dryad protecting the forest at its edge, her upcoming sophomore LP— of beast and bone— leads us deep into the dark, pathless heart of those woods to meet a much more wizened being: a hag confronting her madness. Wrought by relationship and mental health collapse in the crucible of quarantine, these songs turn inward to face the demons and ask them for their wisdom. Her shadow sings out into a haunting sonic landscape that offers ground for her inner turmoil to dissipate and decompose, nurturing a seed of insight to grow.

Spirit House records will release of beast and bone on Friday, October 13th, 2023.


“The voice of an angelic changeling combined with an ancient ancestor- free and wild, untamed and pure. An intrinsic and natural musical style, still like nothing I've quite ever heard.” - E.W.

Visit Jordann's Bandcamp to hear and support her music. It's available for streaming on all major platforms, including Spotify. Follow her on Instagram and her Facebook artist page to stay up to date about new releases and upcoming live shows.