As a self-taught musician, Jordann Funk embraces the realm of intuitive folk-- using unusual tunings, chords, and melodies to bring her songs to life. Her vocals are candid yet otherworldly, transporting the listener to a place of reflection. She often feels she's channeling natural forces in her music, lending them a voice so they may be heard.

The work of her debut album Wolf Cry is to help heal the grief felt for and with the Earth in the wake of modern environmental neglect. This album leads us into the tenacious heart of the natural world, ultimately empowering us to use our gifts to fight for justice and heal ancestral & earthen wounds.

“The voice of an angelic changeling combined with an ancient ancestor- free and wild, untamed and pure. An intrinsic and natural musical style, still like nothing I've quite ever heard.” - E.W.

Visit Jordann's Bandcamp to hear and support the album. It's available for streaming on all major platforms. Follow her on Instagram and her Facebook artist page to stay up to date about its release and upcoming live shows.