House of Kin, Jordann Funk & James Bird in Easthampton, MA

On 3/14, (Pi day, duh!) three epic musicians come together to create a living breathing vessel of sound, art and community love. Their lyrics and melodies offer a space of reflection to attune to the wild stirring within you. Cozy on up with handmade elixirs and herbal products for sample and purchase. The Rabbit Whole Studio is an independently run artistic space made for folks of all kinds, embracing the range of sacred and profane spiritual expression. It is located on the 2nd floor of my the Paragon Arts & Industry building in Easthampton, MA. Please message us with any questions!
Tickets sliding scale of pie-10$-15$

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❈JORDANN FUNK❈ As a self-taught musician, Jordann Funk embraces the realm of intuitive folk-- using unusual tunings, chords, and melodies to bring her songs to life. Her vocals are candid yet otherworldly, transporting the listener to a place of reflection. She often feels she's channeling natural forces in her music, lending them a voice so they may be heard.
The work of her debut album Wolf Cry is to help heal the grief felt for and with the Earth in the wake of modern environmental neglect. This album leads us into the tenacious heart of the natural world, ultimately empowering us to use our gifts to fight for justice and heal ancestral & earthen wounds.
“The voice of an angelic changeling combined with an ancient ancestor- free and wild, untamed and pure. An intrinsic and natural musical style, still like nothing I've quite ever heard.” - E.W.
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❈HOUSE OF KIN❈ House of Kin weaves words from the Heart into moving vocal harmonies that have the power to shake Soul into the present moment. Live looped vocals, synth, bass and percussion create dynamic layers sound that offers Humanity a story of redemption. With ethereal incantations, humor, and raw truth, Jess Kin (vocals, synth) and her bandmate Michael Lesko (drums, bass) sing their dreams of what could be with a personal mission to live and play in gratitude and treat All life as kin.
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❈JAMES BIRD PORTAL❈ James Bird is akin to a bard of ancient days, wandering the green hills of whispering lands, telling tales of love and sorrow. Genre-crossing acoustical music that's encoded to empower and help one feel all their feelings. Lyrics of mythic themes and the modern world are woven together to create a mosaic of humanity and it's beautiful predicament/blessing of being a infinite spirit flying in a body of Earth. James is new to the valley of MA and is grateful to be here. On Spotify and Apple music, you can find all of his music including a new single, Byron Bay, about remembering who you are.
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