Yarrow & the Sacred Wound

Today the sun conjuncts Chiron in Aries. This asteroid harbors the energy of the Wounded Healer -- and the sun now illuminates it with the question to each of us, "What is your sacred wound?"

The centaur Chiron was the teacher and master of medicinal arts, yet he carried a wound that wouldn't heal. He had been shot by one of Hercules arrows which would have killed any mortal soul, but it left Chiron with an incurable wound of body and soul. In the end, Chiron decided to willingly walk into the realm of Hades- the Underworld- and offered his immortality to heal his suffering.

This story of Chiron deeply relates to the medicine of the plant pictured above -- Yarrow, Achillea Millefolium. Indeed, it was named after the warrior Achilles from whose legend we receive the phrase 'our achilles heal'. It's a euphemism used to describe our sacred wound -- our weak spot, which penetrates to the core of who we are. It is through seeing and healing this wound that our soul may grow, develop, and evolve into who we came to be.

Yarrow encourages us to face this wound, which we might resist confronting. This resistance may hide our sacred wound in shadow - in the underworld. Yarrow offers us willingness to go into darkness to see our trauma, guiding us to integrate it so that we may transform.

This is an opportune time to work with this plant, and for shadow work in general. Since trauma is stored in the body, I really love rubbing Yarrow Soul oil (in the shop) on sensitive places that harbor memory or dense energy. For me, this is largely in my womb and solar plexus.

Drop into conversation with Yarrow and your body-- ask what is my sacred wound? What block must I heal in order to grow and expand? Tune into visions, sensations, subtleties. Connect with the wounded part of you -- whether they're part of this life or a past one. See what they need; show them love and support.

An important affirmation for me as I do this work lately- in speaking to my younger self & me right now: I love who you are, who I am, and who we are becoming.

Please share widely!