A Lilac Portal

Lilac Potion Recipe

I have been lovin' up Lilacs while they're still here-- these ephemeral blooms of spring that bring us so fully, tenderly into our senses. Thank you Taurus season.

  1. This recipe starts out with Lilac water- a favorite way to delight in these flowers. Simply pick some Lilacs, submerge them in a jar of fresh water, and then place in the fridge overnight (or 5+ hours). Fun tip! Add a favorite, safe crystal to the Lilac water to make a Lilac-crystal elixir. Some suggestions are aquamarine (beryl essence extracts best in cold mediums), clear quartz, and amethyst.
  2. This water tastes like the fragrance of these blooms- delicate and reminiscent. Strain when it's ready, enjoy a glass, and then freeze some in ice cube trays. To include some blooms in the cubes, fill the tray 3/4 of the way with the blooms, freeze, and then cover completely with Lilac water and freeze again. This makes sure that the blooms don't get exposed to the cold and turn brown if they ever thaw a bit in the freezer. I try to make as many cubes as I can to have Lilac goodness for as long as possible.
  3. The purple of this Lilac potion is from Violets! Pick a heaping handful (without the stems). Separate the purple petals of the flowers from any green bits. Place the purple petals in a glass vessel, and then pour a cup of boiled water over them! Watch the water turn deep indigo. Steep for 10-20 minutes, until Violets go white.
  4. Strain the Violet brew into a drinking glass. Generously squeeze in some blood orange (or lemon) juice. This lovely Lilac color emerges. Thank the magic of anthocyanins - the compounds that go from blue to purple depending on the pH of the menstruum.
  5. Add your Lilac ice cubes to your Violet potion, plus any simple syrups if you'd like it sweet or elixirs/essences for more magick. I added a dash of lavender syrup, Rose Moon Mugwort Elixir, and Lilac essence🌱

Et voilà! le boisson violet de vos rêves 🌿 bon appétit ✨


a lilac portal

mysteriously, it seems
the older i grow
the more my knowing
anchors down,
spreading roots into the rich depths
of the ground

yet all the while,
this soul expands and branches,
reaching higher
towards the heavens
and the stars in the sky :

i am these streams of energy
flowing in opposing directions,
though whole and undivided,
meeting like two rivers might
at sea-
the crash and crown of my heart-
which is also a mountain spring,

the beginning, ending, and in between
who contains multitudes, this being
and its secret pulse, beating
bea - ting, bea - ting, beau - ty

This poem can be found in my Mother Tree anthology.

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