Ghostpipe Dreams & Threshold Herbs

Before sleep, I took four drops of the Ghostpipe Essence. In my dreams, I met a young boy. He confided in me his troubles, for he felt outcasted and misunderstood. It turns out, he often communicated to beings whom he referred to as 'aliens', and others thought him to be strange because of it.

"These aliens don't come from another planet, though. You see, they live in another dimension that's right here alongside our own." He continued to explain, "but the older we get, and the more we come to fear death, the more we start to close ourselves off from befriending them."

I held space for this boy and his sadness. Shortly upon awakening post-conversation, I realized that when he spoke of 'aliens', he might be referring to those inhabiting the Spirit Realm- such as ancestors, fairies, and those unseen. "What an insight," I thought, "that the more we fear death, the more we may shut ourselves off from being in touch with the Otherworld."

Indeed, as we enter the gateway of Samhain, Halloween, & Dia de los Muertos, we do grapple with the reality of death, giving thanks to those passed & recognizing how they're still with us 'in spirit'. Even as we watch greens fade and leaves fall, we may realize that it is into fertile darkness through which the Earth will one day spring anew. 'Til then, we embrace death, and so connect with the realm of Spirits which coexists here with us. In doing so, we enter into a consciousness that recognizes how Spirit is imbued in the fabric of our reality.

As the veil thins and we recognize the presence of Spirit, we come to acknowledge that the power of the sun remains in us even as the days darken; it is our inner reserve of gold. 'Chrysos' is Ancient Greek for Gold; this is the root word of chrysalis-- where within, we transmute that which no longer serves us into the beauty of our wings. Chrysanthemum essence shares this same gift-- to be our chrysalis, our golden sunshine which may shine upon our shadows and metamorphosize us anew.

I've made a special essence, which includes the one strained from this bowl before a photo was captured. The formula came to me after my Ghostpipe dream I shared here. It's a portal to embracing death so as to open our heart-gates to the subtle consciousness of the Otherworld; a perfect ally during liminal moments of life.

Spirit Speak essence guides us to embrace death as part of life; allowing us to come to terms with dying and loosen ingrained fears surrounding it. In doing this, we also feel supported to let die any cycles or patterns in our lives that are no longer serving us. We enter a liminal space where we're in the midst of becoming: as we let go, we might not know for certain the next step. This essence offers the courage to enter into that liminal unknown.

In this way, as we start to shed our skin, we make room for allowing the Spirits of beyond, within. This can be a subtle opening of awareness: seeing the intricacies of the forest, a spider weaving her web. We see the threads of interconnection between everything. Our perception starts to encompass the subtle realm of aliveness that has always been there, just beyond our grasp. This, if we so choose, starts to extend to perceiving the realm of Otherworld as well.

You may use this essence in ritual, to connect to Ancestors, Guides, your Higher Self, and Angels. Bring it to your ancestral burial ground. Take it in the woods to leave drops as offerings and to attune to the elementals and faerie folk abound. While there, you may also spend some time with a plant or tree: leaving it offerings, connecting to its spirit, and sensing what it has to share.

Whatever you choose, however you choose: there's a subtle realm beyond our view who I'm sure would love to meet you.


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