The Initiators: Mugwort & Moldavite

Mugwort grows all around us, from roadside to forest clearing. Moldavite, on the other hand, came to our planet from the unique impact of a meteorite in what is now the Czech Republic. Although the herb is pervasive and the stone quite rare, these deep green Earth Allies interestingly share a resonance in the way they help us heal. Both encourage the flow of energy, herald transformation, and turn up the volume in our dreamtime with an intensity that may best be introduced in small doses. In this article, we will go more deeply into these healing properties and also suggest some ways you may work with Mugwort and Moldavite to be initiated into the regenerative power of the plant and mineral kingdoms.

First off, have you ever felt stuck in a rut? Emotionally, we may feel sluggish and unsure. Physically, there’s tension that can’t seem to be unwound. All may seem fine at the surface level, but what more needs to be healed that hides in shadow? Our daily routine might consume us to the point that we come to wonder, what’s next? Here is where Mugwort and Moldavite can enter into your life as unexpected treasures found while walking the same old path--- jolting you in a new direction.

Both are known to masterfully move stagnant energy in the physical and subtle bodies. Mugwort’s medicine works especially on the sacral chakra-- the place of our inner waters where we often repress memories. If it’s best for our healing journeys to confront those memories, Mugwort will work in a unique way to bring them to light, increasing our psychic sensitivity in doing so. This process synergizes with Moldavite, who amps up our ability to tune into subtle energies and begins to uncloud our innate psychic capacities. In this way, Moldavite works mainly on the third eye, dislodging any dense energy that may be in the way of the vividness of our inner-vision and clair-perception.

Interestingly, the way that both Mugwort and Moldavite bring forth repressed memories or dense energy for us to heal is through our dreams. Indeed, both this herb and stone seem best known as “dream” allies. They turn up the volume of our dreamscapes specifically, however, to initiate us into the work of healing hidden wounds while we sleep or journey inward. For simply by dreaming of a forgotten character or situation of the past, we bring to light and transmute what had been hiding as stagnant energy in our bodies. This process simultaneously acts to unearth hidden gifts, passions, and ideas that may have been cloaked in our subconscious. As such, Mugwort and Moldavite herald transformation in our lives-- expanding our awareness, taking us beyonds our self-imposed limits, and accelerating our spiritual growth.

Take heed, though, that both Mugwort and Moldavite wield an intensity that is best acclimated to. Upon drinking a cup of Mugwort tea for the first time, some folks experience such vivid dreams that they wake up feeling unrested and perhaps a bit disturbed. A little goes a long way with Mugwort, and it may be best to start with sleeping with some of the herb by your bed or underneath your pillow. If you learn to identify the plant in the wild, you may also sit with with this green being, feeling free to ask her any questions and noticing sensations that arise. As you develop your relationship, you may want to advance to external applications, such as rubbing a bit of mugwort-infused oil (not essential oil) onto your body. Indeed, on a physical level, mugwort oil helps to unwind tension locked in the muscles, especially in the pelvic region-- being specifically indicated for menstrual cramps. After working with physical applications, one may then progress to Mugwort tea, flower essence, or tincture to consume internally.

As for Moldavite, some people also experience discomfort upon interacting with the stone. I’ve witnessed people break down in tears when holding it for the first time, and it is common to undergo a bit of physical aching in the area where you begin to wear it for longer durations. These are the ways the emotional and physical bodies adapt to such an intense influx of energy, releasing through tears or building up our energetic meridians, causing them to ache like newly worked muscles. Wearing Moldavite can also lead to extreme lightheadedness, and for these reasons, it is recommended to start working with Moldavite first by keeping it by your bedside, underneath your pillow, or sitting with the stone in meditation. You may hold it and observe any physical sensations that you notice or any images that appear in your inner vision. In The Book of Stones, Robert Simmons even recommends taping a piece of Moldavite to one’s third eye when entering into meditation with it. After acclimating to Moldavite in this way, you may begin to wear it more regularly, being aware to take it off if you begin to feel uncomfortable or ungrounded. If you wear other stones such as Smokey Quartz or Larimar with Moldavite, they can help soften its impact as well.

Since both Mugwort and Moldavite act so well at our enhancing our dreamscapes and vivifying our psychic experience, I find them to be great allies to enter into active imagination exercises or shamanic journeys with. This is when we consciously embark into our dreamworld with a specific question or curiosity, and through many layers of symbolism, we are offered answers. You may ask, how can I connect more deeply with Moldavite or Mugwort? Or what would Moldavite or Mugwort like to show me? There are several resources on how to do shamanic journeys online and in books that we carry in the Dreaming Goddess. Every third and fifth Friday of the month we also hold a group Shamanic Journey with live drumming in the healing sanctuary. Take some Mugwort or Moldavite with you, along with some questions to deepen your relationship with these Initiators of our spiritual expansion.

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